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Taiwan Jinyumantang Holding Group Co.,Ltd.

Feast of Taiwan, China Famous Brand. Door industry in China top ten brands, China's door, executive director of the special committee, the quality of the door industry leading brands. Yongkang Kim Man Door Industry Co., Ltd. is located in China's doors - Zhejiang Yongkang, the production of high-end anti-riot copper, the riot security door, Grade A safety gate, explosion-proof industrial doors and the super remote invincible lock professional manufacturer.

The company after years of investment and development, successfully developed with riot, tamper, anti-theft, anti-technology to open the super remote invincible lock (super-tamper multi lock, won a number of national patent), which uses dual-motor, dual-circuit board effective alternate use of multiple insurance, remote control door, you can call the remote control to open the door, and in case of fire, temperature control sensors to open the door, a power outage can be an external power supply to be turned on, riot control, anti-theft feature and technical opening of the world top level, super remote invincible locks, 20 years warranty!

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